Buzzing Towards a Community-centric Event Platform

Progressing towards launching Eventbuzzz, a community-driven mobile app designed to simplify event creation, sharing, and discovery across diverse categories and languages.






UI/UX & Branding
Mobile App Development
Web Development

Eventbuzzz sprang from the idea of creating a communal space where users can effortlessly create and share a variety of events like webinars. The aim is to encapsulate different event categories and languages, fostering a multicultural event-sharing platform.

We are in the process of developing a mobile application that will serve as the nucleus for event creators and enthusiasts. The app is
designed to facilitate the easy creation and sharing of events, along with the ability for users to post updates, enhancing the buzz around each event.

As the development progresses, Eventbuzzz is on track to become a platform where users can sift through events based on categories, languages, or regions, simplifying the discovery of relevant events. Once completed, the app aims to stand as a vibrant community hub that bridges event creators with their target audience, enriching the event-sharing experience.