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Who we are

Talmee is a specialized mobile app development agency founded by a core team of mobile developers. Recognizing a clear gap in the market, we embarked on a journey to provide focused, high-quality mobile app development services. Our mission is to fill the void left by agencies spreading themselves too thin across multiple disciplines, often at the expense of mobile app quality.



Crafting Excellence

Our Focus

From the beginning, our goal was to excel in one area: mobile app development. This singular focus has allowed us to refine our skills and processes, making us a leader in the field. Unlike other agencies that try to juggle multiple services, we dedicate all our resources and energy to developing mobile apps that stand out for their quality and user experience.

Our Philosophy

At Talmee, we see ourselves as more than just an agency; we are your in-house team, extended. We've cultivated a culture focused on collaboration, innovation, and growth. Our approach has propelled us to rapid growth, thanks to our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients have in us.

Why React Native?

We chose React Native as our primary technology platform for a reason. Its ability to provide a native app experience across both iOS and Android devices from a single codebase not only streamlines the development process, high-quality user experience. Our commitment to React Native is based on its proven success and efficiency, as showcased by the numerous apps featured on the React Native Showcase.

Our Expertise

With a combined experience of over 10 years exclusively in mobile app development, our team brings unmatched expertise to each project. We're not just developers; we're innovators constantly seeking ways to contribute to and advance the mobile app community.

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